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Why cleaning your heat pump is so important


Why cleaning your heat pump is so important


Every home that uses an air conditioner or heat pump, should realise  that just removing the filters and giving them a dust off isn’t  sufficient. A unit that hasn’t been professionally cleaned will have a  build-up of dust, fungus, mould and bacteria inside the unit.

This not only reduces the air passing through the vents efficiently,  but it also has a major effect on the quality of air in your home. Air  passing through your unit is contaminated, ventilation is limited with  loss of effectiveness, and you breathe in unpleasant and potentially  dangerous air.

Loss of Performance


A dirty air conditioner unit can lose around 30% efficiency caused by  dust and dirt impeding the movement of the rotary fan inside the heat  pump or air conditioner, with the result that you do not have the same  cooling or heating effectiveness, while the fans are working harder to  provide the same flow of air as a unit that is clean.

Your unit requires more than just a basic maintenance clean in order  to last longer, be more efficient and to produce cleaner, healthier air.  With regular use, your air conditioner unit will last longer, if the  whole head unit is correctly serviced and cleaned.

Saving Power Costs

With periodic cleaning and servicing of your unit, you can expect a  saving on your energy costs. A dirty air conditioner will have to power  for longer and work harder, to produce either cool air or heat as it  labours to draw air through the dust and dirt. Preventative maintenance  keeps both your electric bill and your repair bills much lower.

Of course, you can avoid all of these problems by having a regular,  periodic cleaning and service of your Air Con and Heat Pump units.  Hobart Refrigeration & Appliance Repairs specialist installers and experienced service agents of  these units can help you to avoid expensive repair bills by using our  preventative maintenance programme.

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How much does air conditioning maintenance typically cost?
Roughly $140 for the first unit and $110 for additional units. 


Can I clean my own air conditioner? 
Customers can typically access and clean their filters easily but are not able to access the internal mechanisms. 


What is the process of cleaning an air con unit?
Both the indoor and outdoor units need to be cleaned. The indoor unit  consists of an air filter, cooling coil, and a long blower.
The outside unit includes a compressor, cooling fins, tubes, and a fan.  Before anything, keep in mind that safety comes first, never work before  turning off the electronics. Open the electronic box near the outside  unit, and switch it to the OFF position.


How often should I clean my air conditioner?
Manufacturers recommend the filters be cleaned every few weeks depending  on frequency of use and professionally serviced once a year.